Do You Have a Tattoo You Regret?

When you’re ready to have a Picosure Tattoo Removal Black Ink, you want to make sure the removal is performed by the best in the business. When you decided to get a tattoo, everyone and your mother asked you, “What will it look like when you’re 80?” But you were determined. You thought you’d love it forever. Don’t feel bad. This happens a lot. People get names of lovers, pictures of animals they love, and other art that doesn’t stand the test of time. Sometimes, due to sun damage or poor technique on the part of the tattoo artist, a tattoo will fade and will look washed-out and/or blurred and unattractive.

Are you stuck with that mistake for the rest of your life? Do you have to let your mom and the rest of your family tell you that they told you so? Not at all! With laser tattoo removal, Colleyville residents can enjoy clean, clear, smooth skin again. So how does it work?

Basically, a qualified laser technician – overseen by our board-certified medical director – will focus a laser on the tattooed skin. Without harming the top layers of skin at all, the laser focuses on the pigments of the tattoo. When it hits those cells, they begin to break up, and over the next few weeks they are absorbed back into the body. Over this time, the tattoo fades away, and fresh skin is left behind with little chance of scarring or any other side effects.

Laser tattoo removal does usually require a few treatment sessions. For smaller tattoos and certain skin types, removal can take as few as 2-4 sessions, but some tattoos require more. Fortunately, when you visit Juvia Med Spa for this treatment, you can rest assured that the pain is minimal thanks to our compounded numbing cream and the full after-care kit that we include with your procedure.

If you thought that medical spas were only good for things like Botox injection treatment in Colleyville (which we also perform, by the way), think again. Thanks to our highly qualified team and our board-certified medical director, we can provide a number of services to help you look and feel more beautiful and healthier than you have in years.

Whether you need to remove a tattoo, plump your lips, or you’re looking for medical weight loss advice, we can help you out. Plus, we offer free consultation appointments with no obligations! Call Juvia Med Spa right now at 817-427-3700, and let us get you on the road to looking and feeling your best.