10 Easy Charity Event Ideas to Raise Money for a Cause

Ideas are restricted only by your artistry. You could nominate to hold something customary for your charities to donate to, such as asking for donations, organizing a bake sale or a dinner, or you could try something totally unconventional and fresh, such as a game, a sport-fight, or even gathering contributions while sporting something idiotic for the whole day. Be creative! You will need to be aware of the kind of charity you will be supporting, brainstorm charity event ideas, and resolve the ideas for venues and affairs. Here are a few charity event ideas that can fit into your day-to-day life and help you raise funds for a cause:

  1. If you are a fitness freak, then orchestrate a fitness session in your neighborhood or organization. There are many others out there trying to stay fit and healthy too! You could do this by incorporating simple steps of Aerobics, Yoga and regular gym exercises. Offer a few free fitness mantras and diet tips to your participants. Charge a reasonable sum for each session.
  2. Bring your artistic talents into spotlight by selling your art pieces of art at a craft sale. If you are not too keen on selling your works of art, then exhibit them and charge a sum from your family and friends to take a look at your creativity.
  3. Dare those wannabe music artists to a compete out at the battle of the bands and conduct a concert to raise funds. You could use this to generate money from both, the teams that want to participate and also the audience who want to witness and enjoy the concert. Make the audience your judges. You can even announce a small prize for the best performers.
  4. Earn as you give. Sell or auction donated goods like used clothes, furniture, fancy accessories, toys, books, tapes and more. Others as might be in need of what you might consider useless.
  5. Organize a cook-off! Challenge aspiring cooks to showcase their cooking aptitude at a cook-off and sell the winning dish. If you are a Master Chef yourself, then pen down your amazing recipes and trade it for charity.
  6. Conduct a sports match. Find out which team sport your neighborhood loves and ask people to make teams. Organize a cricket-match, rugby or a soccer tournament based on what interests people in your locality. Charge an entry fee for every team and announce a prize for the winning team. Also, be sure to effective price-out tickets for the viewers.
  7. Organize a lot of fun contests for your community by setting up small stalls in your school or locality parking lot. Plan easy games like ‘Guess the number of things (balls, pens, etc.) in a jar’, ‘Hula-hoop contest’, ‘Rubber duck race’ and ‘Hopscotch’
  8. If you are a style-guru, then offer services like nail-art, hair-braiding, hair-beading and pleating, temporary tattoos, mild make-up and ‘Style-yourself tips’.
  9. Create your own treasure hunt and dare your family and friends to hunt for the treasure. Ask them to pay to play. This game is sure to attract many players.
  10. Conduct a Quiz contest. Find out if your local community center will allow you to put on a quiz every week or occasionally. Charge an entry fee, offer food (for a price) and announce a prize money for each week.